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goSafe's Back to Work Catalog

The products you need to protect your facility and your employees 

goSafe's Back to Work catalog features a large variety of products designed create and promote clean, sanitary environments, and prevent the potential spread of contaminants that can lead to or perpetuate the spread of illness. The catalog includes:

  • Respiratory Protection
  • Disposable Clothing
  • Face Protection
  • Partition Shielding
  • Hand Protection
  • Thermometers
  • Hand Sanitizers & Disinfectants
  • Facility Signage and more


Facility Signage

goSafe offers a wide variety of items designed specifically for use in pandemic preparedness, mitigation, and recovery. Download the catalog at the top of this page for a look at the full range of items. Also contained in the catalog are all of the signage items shown below - click the individual part numbers for a closer look at these items.


goSafe's Hazard School

goSafe's Hazard School is a comprehensive, interactive experience that educates users about the hazards associated with Heat Stress. goSafe's Hazard School can help users gain valuable insight about the impacts that adverse conditions can have, and provides valuable information that can help better prepare users for future situations. Click the logo above and select the 'Heat/Cold Stress Prevention' category to learn more!


goSafe's Expert Zone

The goSafe Expert Zone is designed to provide users in a supervisory capacity the resources and materials they need to get their people on the right path towards safety. The Heat Stress area includes a variety of relevant information, including Basic Operating Procedures, , Inspection Forms, and downloadable pre-made posters and charts. Click the image above & select Heat/Cold Stress Prevention to learn more!

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The reader/viewer is solely responsible for safe and proper use of products in compliance with product instructions and applicable laws.