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GoSafe, Inc.

Fall Protection can be confusing. And intimidating. And technical. There's math, diagrams, LOTS of D-Rings, and often more questions than answers.

Knowing that you need Fall Protection is often the easiest part. Most of the time it's obvious. Knowing WHAT you need, and WHY you need it tends to complicate things. This guide is designed to break down into its constituent elements the process of selecting effective Fall Protection. We'll tell you when you need it, what your options are, and why one form of equipment might be better suited to your job than another. We'll also outline the OSHA requirements for equipment of this type, and identify the applicable ANSI standards - and why they are so important.

Safety should be easy - we're here to help!

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Fall Protection Explained!

Protect Workers and Your Bottom Line with Safety Solutions from the Experts at goSafe:

  • Identify the the Fall Protection equipment you need to do your job safely
  • Determine what is required, and why
  • Understand why YOU need it, and how it works
  • Select items from goSafe's huge selection
“goSafe combines the technological and service capabilities of an international safety provider with the family feel that makes it comfortable to work with us on a long term basis. We listen to our customers to create progressive, custom e-commerce services along with flexible solutions to difficult safety situations.“  - Burk Shaw, President.

Year after year, OSHA’s fall protection standard is consistently the number one most-frequently cited agency standard. Roughly 36.5% of all deaths in the workplace occurred due to employees falling. This includes workers who have fallen off ladders, roofs, scaffolding, & other construction-related areas. With the proper use of approved Fall Protection equipment and a solid plan to implement usage, workplace injuries can be significantly reduced, and often prevented entirely.

goSafe wants to help you maximize the effectiveness of your Fall Protection efforts. With safety in mind, we've created this helpful guide to understanding the requirements and justifications for Fall Protection equipment, and an easy to understand guide for selection of the right equipment for you and your specific job requirements.

We know you take safety seriously. That's why we want to help. When it comes to worker safety, we all have a responsibility to make sure workers have the tools they need to stay safe.

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