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goSafe's Fall Protection Field Guide

Fall Protection is complicated. Let us break it down so you know what your options are, and why one form of equipment might be better suited to your job than another. We also outline OSHA requirements & ANSI standards - and why they are so important.

  • Essential Fall Protection Principals
  • Current and Upcoming OSHA/ANSI Standards
  • Anchorages, Harnesses, & Connecting Devices
  • Engineered Horizontal and Vertical Systems
  • Product Recommendations
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goSafe Winter Catalog - Best Safety Gear For Winter

2021 Winter Catalog

When winter hits your workforce with chilling temperatures, strong winds, snow, or sleet, your only choice is to adapt. Prevent dangerous injury and illness with Winter safety gear from goSafe.

  • FR Workwear & Jackets
  • Hoodies & Sweatshirts
  • Hi-Vis Jackets
  • Cold Weather Gloves
  • Balaclavas & Headwear
  • Footwear & Traction Devices
  • & Much More!
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goSafe Catalog

Protect Workers and Your Bottom Line with Safety Solutions from the Experts! The all new goSafe Catalog provides a comprehensive look at our most popular items. This catalog features information regarding:

  • Fall Protection Equipment and Systems
  • A full range of Personal Protective Equipment
  • goSafe's In-House Customization department located in La Porte, TX
  • Corporate Safety Programs for Footwear, Prescription Eyewear, and FR gear
  • goSafe's Rental, Repair, and Recertification capabilities
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goSafe Hand Protection Guide

goSafe's Facility
Hand Protection Guide

With so many gloves available, it can be confusing to know which ones are best for your facility safety program. This guide will help safety managers and purchasing agents alike quickly identify the best glove for a wide variety of specific facility applications.

goSafe Contractor Safety Guide

goSafe's Contractor
Site Safety Guide

The Contractor Safety: Site Safety Field Guide provides “at a glance” safety solutions to the most common, yet often overlooked hazards and violations found on construction sites. Improve site safety with the help of safety experts on your next jobsite!

goSafe PPE Guide

goSafe's Comprehensive
Guide to PPE

The sheer volume of PPE products available today is overwhelming. The Gosafe PPE Guide is designed to break down the process, and make selecting products a more straightforward operation. You'll know what products to choose, and you'll know why you're choosing them.

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goSafe's Fall Protection
Field Guide

This guide breaks Fall Protection down into its constituent elements. We'll tell you when you need it, what your options are, and why one form of equipment might be better suited to your job than another. We also outline OSHA requirements & ANSI standards - and why they are so important.

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goSafe's Product
Customization Guide

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goSafe's In-House
Repair & Recertification Services Guide

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goSafe's Industrial Vending
Machine Services

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goSafe's 'Handsafe'
Cut-Resistant Gloves

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goSafe's Pandemic
Preparedness Guide

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goSafe Summer Catalog

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goSafe Winter Catalog

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Disaster Preparedness Catalog

goSafe Road & Bridge catalog

goSafe's Road & Bridge Construction PPE Catalog

goSafe Pallet Production PPE Catalog

goSafe's Pallet Production
PPE Catalog

goSafe Made in USA Catalog

PPE Catalog

goSafe PPE Must Haves Slim

PPE Must-Haves

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Fall Protection Must-Haves

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Reliance Ironman™ Lite
Full Body Harnesses

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Reliance SkyLoc™II
Self Retracting Lanyards

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Reliance EnviroShield®
Sealed SRL

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Reliance Micro-Loc™
Personal SRL's

Reliance Roto-Loc Brochure

Reliance Roto-Loc™
Leading Edge SRL's

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Reliance Aluminum Rail Fall Arrest Sytem (ARFAS) 

Reliance Confined Space Brochure

Reliance Confined Space Entry & Retrieval Kits

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Reliance Ladder Stanchion
Anchorage System