Managed FRC Program

Making sure you get the right FRC garments at the right sizes for the right people can be a logistical nightmare. We make it easy by creating a custom self-serve catalog of compliant and company approved garments, allowing your workers to choose their own FRC garments with their size and style preferences, all within your budget restrictions, with no cost for setup or use.

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RX Eyewear Program

Nobody likes wearing goggles over glasses. Our RX Eyewear program will help you keep track of worker prescriptions and help them find the right eyewear for the job that not only protects the eyes, but gives clearer vision.

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Leave your mark on your worksite and make it easy to identify workers with our product customization services. We specialize in customizing FR clothing, coveralls, shirts, vests, hats, hard hats, safety eyewear, gear bags, awards, and more!

     •     6-color Silk Screen

     •     Pad Printing

     •     6-head Embroidery

     •     Patch Embroidery

     •     Reflective Striping

     •     Digital Transfer

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Certified Repair Services

Gas Detection

  • BW Technologies by Honeywell
  • RKI
  • ISC


  • Miller Fall Protection by Honeywell

Retractable Lifelines

  • Reliance Fall Protection
  • Miller Fall Protection by Honeywell

Fire Extinguishers

  • We service a variety of makes and models. Please contact your goSafe representative for more details.
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Equipment Rental

At goSafe, our rental program specializes in a broad spectrum of equipment for customers with distinctive needs in the industrial workplace. Rentals are available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on your need.

     •     Air sampling Pumps

     •     Gas Detection Monitors

     •     Confined Space Kits

     •     Retractable Lifelines

     •     Noise Dosimeters

     •     Quantitative Fit Tester

     •     Temporary Horizontal Lifelines

     •     Data Logging Sound Meters

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Instrumentation Management

Maintaining monitoring instruments is crucial to workplace safety, so we at goSafe offer Instrumentation management. We can help keep your monitors working properly with warranty, repair, calibration, and recertification services. We'll even handle inventory and shipping.

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National Account Services

Our National Account Services help you provide the best safety gear to your workers at discounted rates, plus online e-commerce self-service to make the buying process easier. We'll work with you to keep track of workers' and worksite's equipment, manage spending, and help you keep up to date on safety regulations so you're always up to code and always getting the right gear for the job.

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