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GoSafe, Inc.

Unparalleled comfort in PAPRs - Dräger X-plore 8000 Series


Let's face it, nobody enjoys wearing a PAPR, but when your work involves environments with gas, mist, or dust, you have to take what you can get. Unfortunately many PAPRs are not equipped to provide the level of comfort and versatility many workers look for. Poor ventilation, inefficient filters, improper seals, and poor accommodation for facial hair are just some of the many problems PAPR systems often fail to address.

The Dräger X-plore® 8000 series Portable Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) offer a new level of intuitive handling and versatility combined with intelligent electronics to provide the safety your people need to focus on the task at hand. goSafe is proud to partner with Dräger to bring you the standard Dräger X-plore® 8500 and the Intrinsically-Safe Dräger X-plore® 8700.


Ruggedly designed for harsh environments

  • Heavy-duty design with rubber protectors and a high ingress protection of IP65 against dust and water jets from any direction
  • Protected air inlets ensure frontal unit protection from sparks or water
  • Intrinsically Safe model available that is ex-approved for ex-zones 1, 2, 21, and 22
  • High capacity Lithium-ion battery provides continuous operation for 16 to 20 hours and charges from 0% to full charge in 4 hours.

Unparalleled comfort for greater focus

  • Advanced carrying system ensures optimal distribution of weight
  • Provides a tight and stable connection between the belt and the unit through a special adapter plate
  • Hose connector features 360° click adapter
  • Dräger headpieces provide optimal airflow and maximum comfort to avoid eye irritation
  • Available with bump cap hood or full helmet headpieces
  • Comfort pad for waist strap available


Intuitive, color coded, and easy to use

  • The unit recognizes connected headgear and automatically selects the correct minimum flow rate, avoiding leakages caused by insufficient flow rates
  • An optical sensor prevents use without the filter and displays of the saturation of the particle filter
  • Filter system features plug-and-go exchange
  • Equipped with visual, audio, and vibration alarm to ensure proper connection and operation
  • The entire system features uniform color codes on all exchangeable elements and an error-proof hose connector
  • Compatible with a wide variety of Dräger helmets, hoods, masks, components and accessories for every application.


Easy Maintenance, Low Cost of Ownership

  • The Dräger X-plore 8000 was designed to be practically maintenance-free for a low cost of ownership
  • Self-check and self-adjustment systems feature advanced temperature and pressure sensor technology to ensure the right flow rate for any environment
  • Simple and efficient charging system allows rapid charging (under 4 hours for an empty battery)
  • Fast and easy disassembly for cleaning.


Dräger X-plore® 8700 - Intrinsically Safe PAPR

Engineered for customer safety

The X-plore® 8700 Intrinsically Safe Powered Air Purifier features a blower unit uniquely designed for intrinsically safe environments.

  • Fast “power-off” technology
  • Smart electronics, supervisory control
  • Anti-static materials and design
  • Potted Components
  • Fail-safe circuits
  • Intrinsic safety compliant PAPR system components

Designed with the worker in mind. Breathe Easy.

  • The blower unit is operable for up to 10,000 Lifetime hours
  • 16 to 20 hour battery life (depending on system configuration)
  • Robust connection between battery charger and blower unit
  • No annual service maintenance is required (except changing the O-ring on the hose)

Fast power-off control

X-plore 8700-1

Intrinsically safe components

Anti-static housing

X-plore 8700-2

Encapsulated electronics

Fail-safe supervisory circuits

X-plore 8700-3

Easy to change battery

Dräger X-plore® PAPR Kits


Dräger X-plore® 8500 Kit With Bump Cap for Hood

Heavy Duty PAPR

Features heavy duty design with rubber protectors and high ingress protection (IP65) against dust and water jets from any direction. Includes bump cap for Hood. Hood Sold Separately.

See The X-Plore 8500 Bump Cap Kit


Dräger X-plore® 8500 Kit with Helmet

Heavy Duty PAPR

Features heavy duty design with rubber protectors and high ingress protection (IP65) against dust and water jets from any direction. Includes Respirator Helmet.

See The X-Plore 8500 Helmet Kit


Dräger X-plore® 8700 Kit with Bump Cap for Hood

Intrinsically Safe Heavy Duty PAPR

Provides excellent respiratory protection and ex-approved for use in ex-zones 1, 2 , 21 and 22. Intrinsically-Safe. Includes bump cap for hood. Hood Sold Separately.

See The X-Plore 8700 Bump Cap Kit
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