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GoSafe, Inc.

"Occupational injury and death costs equal $198.2 billion a year!"-National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Ensure site safety with the right equipment! Here's how:

The Contractor Safety: Site Safety Field Guide provides “at a glance” safety solutions to the most common, yet often overlooked hazards and violations found on construction sites. Improve site safety with the help of safety experts on your next jobsite! 

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Improve Construction Site Safety!

Protect Workers and Your Bottom Line with Safety Solutions from the Experts:

  • Identify common hazards on the jobsite
  • Plan for unforeseen risks with the right safety equipment
  • Establish a culture of safety and boost morale
  • Reduce direct and indirect costs of worker injury
“goSafe combines the technological and service capabilities of an international safety provider with the family feel that makes it comfortable to work with us on a long term basis. We listen to our customers to create progressive, custom e-commerce services along with flexible solutions to difficult safety situations.“  - Burk Shaw, President.

The construction industry ranks higher than any other industry in worker injury and fatalities every year, despite safety managers and contractors performing regular safety hazard assessments. goSafe wants to help you minimize work-related accidents. With safety in mind, we've created this helpful guide to common hazards found on construction sites, along with the safety solutions you need to create a safer work environment. 

With this at-a-glance site safety field guide, you can quickly find solutions to your common safety concerns, as well as stay up to date with changes to regulations and standards. From eye protection to tools at height, you can have access to the safety information you need. All in one place!

We know you take safety seriously. That's why we want to help. When it comes to worker safety, we all have a responsibility to make sure workers have the tools they need to stay safe. 

Download your copy today!

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