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GoSafe, Inc.

The sheer volume of PPE products available today is overwhelming.

There are literally thousands upon thousands of choices within a variety of individual categories, and the process for selecting the right item can be intimidating. goSafe's PPE Guide is been designed to break down the process, and make selecting products a more straightforward operation. 

Each category defines the relevant regulatory standards that are in place, and outlines the factors to consider when choosing a product. We've also included links to products on our website from the best manufacturers in the business. You'll know what to choose, and why you're choosing it.

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Improve Safety in Your Workplace!

Protect Workers and Your Bottom Line with Safety Solutions from the Experts at goSafe:

  • Identify the the PPE you need to do your job safely
  • Understand the regulations that require it
  • Walk through a simplified selection process
  • Choose your items from goSafe's huge selection
“goSafe combines the technological and service capabilities of an international safety provider with the family feel that makes it comfortable to work with us on a long term basis. We listen to our customers to create progressive, custom e-commerce services along with flexible solutions to difficult safety situations.“  - Burk Shaw, President.

Millions of nonfatal workplace injuries occur in the private sector every year, with injuries in the public sector numbering in the hundreds of thousands. The good news is that you and your employees don’t have to be a part of these statistics. With the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), workplace injuries can be significantly reduced, and often prevented entirely.

goSafe wants to help you minimize work-related accidents. With safety in mind, we've created this helpful guide to understanding the justification for common PPE and an easy to understand guide for selection of the right equipment for you and your specific job requirements.

We know you take safety seriously. That's why we want to help. When it comes to worker safety, we all have a responsibility to make sure workers have the tools they need to stay safe.

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