• In 2011 we were an early adopter of high-output, low energy LED light fixtures for our warehouse, resulting in a massive boost in energy efficiency.

  • In response to the 2020 pandemic, much of our office and workforce began working from home and attending virtual meetings instead of commuting and traveling to and from the office, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of our employee’s daily lives.

  • Our warehouse packs our wood pallets and trucks as efficiently as possible to make the most of each delivery. We also have a paperless office policy and recycle our wood pallets and cardboard.



The Houston area is known not just for it’s industry, but also as one of the most ethnically diverse cities in America. People come to Houston from all over the world to pursue the American dream, and we here at goSafe are proud to be part of their story and to reflect the work ethic, diversity, and hospitality of the city of Houston.

goSafe is also a proud sponsor of The Texas Safety Foundation, dedicated to providing scholarships for future safety professionals in the industrial space. In addition, we offer health incentives for our employees to help them improve their lives, lifestyles, and goals.



It is our job to help you stay compliant, but it’s also our job to help you save money while achieving your sustainability goals. For companies looking to take that step we have a wealth of PPE solutions built to last longer with higher safety factors to improve end-user experience, reduce long-term costs of use and replacement, and minimize environmental impact.

Longer lasting PPE means a more productive workforce, less frequent need to replace product, decreased waste from used product, fewer carbon-heavy truck deliveries, less need for vendors to produce wasteful commodity product, and long-term savings from fewer purchases on a per-employee basis. When you play the long game, you help contribute to a better world.

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