Hot List Creation 

• Navigate to a product in the product database.

• In the top right hand corner of the product detail page is a link for adding the item to a Hot List. Please Note - if this is a sized item and you have not yet selected a size, the link will read ‘Make a Hot List Item’. If a size has been selected, the link will read ‘Add to List’.

• Click the ‘Add to List’ link.

• Please Note - You can add either Master Items (without a size indicated) or specific SKU’s (sized items) to your Hot List. If no size is indicated, the item will appear in your Hot List, but ou can not add it to your cart until you visit that item’s page and select a size.



 Hot List Creation 

• A popup window will prompt you to ‘Create a New
User List’.

• Click the ‘Create a New User List’ link.



 Hot List Creation 

•You will be prompted to enter a name for the new list.

• Enter a name, and click the "Create" button.



 Hot List Creation 

• Once the list has been created and named, check the box next to the list name to add this product to your Hot List.




 Placing Your Order 

• After adding an item to a Hot List to use for future orders, indicate a quantity, and then add the item to your Shopping Cart.

• To continue shopping, click the "Continue Shopping" button.



 Placing Your Order 

• If an item is out of stock or on back order, it will be highlighted in red in your Shopping Cart.

• Lead times are not provided for out of stock items. In addition, when an item shows as ‘In Stock’, this refers to stock overall, not stock by location.

• Contact Customer Service to inquire about the details of an Out of Stock using the number provided.




 Placing Your Order

• Continue adding items to your cart until your order is complete. Use the ‘Checkout’ button to complete the order process.




 Accessing Customer Hotlists 

• To view your Customer Hotlist(s), navigate to the ‘My Account’ section of the website using the link at the top of the page (must be logged in).

• Click the ‘Saved Carts and Hot Lists’ button.



 Accessing Customer Hotlists 

• The Hot Lists you have created will be displayed. To open and edit existing lists, click the ‘Open’ button. To delete a list, click the ’Delete’ button.





 Editing & Using Customer  Hotlists 

• To remove items from a Hot List, check the box next to the item, and click ‘Remove from List’. To add Hot List items to your cart, check the box beside the items you wish to add, and click ‘Add Selected Items to Cart’. When you are ready to check out, select ‘View Cart’ and proceed from there.


 Go To Your Account.